EBDP: NILEX’s Top Gainer on Wednesday’s Trading

During Wednesday’s trading, NILEX’s listed stocks have given fluid performance amidst trading in 8 securities in which 8 rose while the rest diminished.

El-Badr Plastic Co. (EBDP) has topped NILEX’s trading through recording a rise of 4.99% to close at L.E7.36 having turnovers of L.E66.608 thousand by a volume of trading reached 9.050 thousand shares within 9 transactions.

Egypt Intercontinental for the manufacture of granite and marble EGY-STON (MISR) has come second by recording an increase of 4.92% to close at L.E9.81 having turnovers of L.E417.474 thousand by a volume of trading reached 42.556 thousand shares within 40 transactions.

Topping the market’s turnovers, BIG Trade and Investment (BIGP) has had recorded turnovers of L.E576.927 thousand through a volume of trading reached 203.861 shares within 54 transactions as it has had a raise of 4.81% to close at L.E2.83.

AMICO Medical Industries has also witnessed a boom of 4.54% to close at L.E16.13 having turnovers of L.E58.068 thousand by a volume of trading reached 3.600 thousand shares within 11 transactions.

On the other hand, Univert for Food Industries (UNFO) has enlisted as the NILEX’s top losers through recording a dip of 1.82% to close at L.E1.62 having turnovers of L.E121.596 thousand through a volume of trading reached 75.124 shares traded in 27 transactions.

Egypt Kuwait Holding (EKHO) has had a down of 1.56% to close at L.E1.26. , Utopia Real Estate Investment and Tourism (UTOP) has also incurred a decline of 1.50% to close at L.E53.27.

Al-Moasher for Programming and Information Dissemination (AMPI) has edged down by 1.10% to close at L.E1.80.