EGX shrinks its Losses in Mid Day-Trading

The EGX has shrunk its losses during Tuesday’s mid-day trading. The market capital has decreased to L.E3.6 billion to reach 5069.98 points.

EGX30 has witnessed a slide of 1.6% to close at 5069.98p. EGX20 has also witnessed a slide of 1.88% to close at 5944.49p.11. In addition, EGX70 has witnessed a slump of 0.36% to close at 496.89p; the EGX100 has witnessed a slide of 0.86% to close at 831.58p.


The market has recorded turnovers valued at L.E258.732 million through a volume of trading amounted to 73.410 million shares for the 16.644 thousand transactions.

One of the main reasons for the EGX30’s dip is that the foreign investors were responsible for the selling activity which amount to 17.84% of the total market. Arab investors have made up purchasing activities of 77.97% and 15.59% the total market.

Elsewhere, the Egyptian investors have made up purchasing activity of 77.97% of the total market.