EGYCO executes infrastructure works in phase II of Egypt’s Al-Robeky industrial zone

Egypt’s state-run El Nasr Company for Building and Construction (EGYCO) unveils it is implementing number of infrastructure works within the second phase of Al-Robeky City for leather, 54km east of Cairo.

Osama El Husseiny, managing director for financial and administrative affairs at EGYCO, said Monday that the infrastructure works are with value of 167 million Egyptian pounds ($9.4 million).

EGYCO seeks to develop Al-Robeky to be a fully-fledged industrial zone by relocating Old Cairo’s tanneries there, El Husseiny further added.

“The company has signed new contracts during the first quarter of financial year 2017/2018 to execute a sanitation plant worth 86 million pounds in various areas in El Qanater El Khayreya in Qalyubia Governorate,” he stated.