Egypt completes 70% of 11K units in New Mansoura’s luxury social housing project

Egypt has finalised around 70 percent of 11,232 housing units in New Mansoura City among its luxury social housing flagship JANNA, said housing minister on Wednesday.

The ministry has accomplished 84 percent of 4,704 units in New Mansoura as part of Iskan Misr project for medium-income citizens, Assem al-Gazzar added.

“We are executing 1,149 villas, including 2,103 units in New Mansoura,” al-Gazzar said, adding that the accomplishment rates of the modern and classic villas in the city reached 40 percent and 32 percent, respectively.

In August 2017, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi issued a decree to establish a new city in Mansoura, 128km (79.5 miles) north of Cairo in the Nile Delta.

The decree approved the re-allocation of 5,104 feddans or 21.4 million square metres of the state-owned lands to the New Urban Communities Authority to be used in establishing a new urban community, the New Mansoura City.

New Mansoura is expected to have more than 150,000 housing units for around 680,000 citizens. The city is set to include touristic housing, villas, and medium-income and social housing as well as regional university and technological industrial development zones.