Egypt concludes 3 drinking water plants in Dakahlia

State-run National Authority for Potable Water and Sewage has completed three water treatment plants in Dakahlia, north east of Cairo, Egyptian Minister of Housing said Saturday.

These plants are with investment costs estimated at 798 million Egyptian pounds (US$42.1 million), designated to serve one million and 550,000 populations in the city, Minister Moustafa Madbouly stated.

The Egyptian minister added that there are three projects completed undergoing tests.

At cost of 400 million pounds, the first project is in Mit Ghamr carried out by Misr Concrete Development Company, with a capacity of 112,000 cubic metres per day to serve 700,000 populations, Madbouly added.

The second project is in Mit Khamees executed by El Nasr for Civil Works (MNHD) with double capacity from 102,000 to 204,000 cubic metres per day, at cost of 78 million pounds. It aims to serve 550,000 citizens in Mansoura and its affiliated villages.

As for third project, it is in Menyet El-Nasr implemented by Arab Contractors with a capacity of 51,000 cubic metres per day, at cost of 320 million pounds, dedicated for 300,000 residents of 22 villages there, Madbouly concluded.