Egypt condemns attacks on Saudi Arabia’s two oil pumping stations

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Egypt strongly condemned attacks by explosive-laden drones on two oil pumping stations in Saudi Arabia on Tuesday.

Egypt expresses solidarity with and support for the brotherly government and people of Saudi Arabia against any attempts targeting the security and stability of the kingdom, the Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

It highlighted the firmly-established brotherly bonds and coordination at the highest level between the two nations in face of joint challenges and to confront terrorism and all threats targeting their national security and security of the Arab world and the entire region.

Saudi Arabia said earlier on Tuesday that two pumping stations on the East-West pipeline were attacked by terrorist drones which caused a fire and minor damage to Pumping Station No. 8.

The fire has since been contained, Minister of Energy, Industry, and Mineral Resources Khalid bin Abdel Aziz al Falih said. The East-West pipeline transports Saudi oil from the Eastern Province to Yanbu port.

Saudi Aramco Company has taken all necessary measures and temporarily shut down the pipeline to evaluate its condition, the minister also said. The company is working on restoring the pumping station prior to resuming operations, he added.

Al-Falih confirmed that Saudi Arabia condemns this cowardly attack, emphasizing that this act of terrorism and sabotage in addition to recent acts in the Arabian Gulf do not only target the Kingdom but also the security of world oil supplies and the global economy.

“These attacks prove again that it is important for us to face terrorist entities, including the Houthi militias in Yemen that are backed by Iran,” he said.

The minister concluded the statement by asserting that Saudi oil production has not been interrupted.

Source: Ahram Online