Egypt eases rules for payment of health sector dues – minister

Egypt’s Ministry of Finance approved on Tuesday a number of measures easing the rules for the payment of financial dues by the health sector amid the coronavirus crisis, Ahram Online reported.

Minister of Finance Mohamed Maait said in a statement individuals are allowed to pay government dues either in cash or electronically for public, university, and teaching hospitals in addition to specialised medical centres and hospitals that belong to state economic authorities until the state’s preventative measures to contain COVID-19 pandemic end.

Dues that exceed 500 pounds were to be paid electronically as of 23 April, but the COVID-19 outbreak has precluded applying that action, according the statement.

“It is unappropriated to ask individuals to pay such dues electronically while All capacities and facilities of the Egyptian health sector are dedicated now to countering the COVID-19 pandemic and curb its impacts,” Maait said.

According the statement, applying the electronic payment and collecting system has contributed to enhancing government collection procedures, which has been reflected in improved public fiscal management, upgraded economic indices and making payments easier for citizens.