Egypt excludes dry, green beans from export ban

The Food Industry Export Council announced excluding dry beans and canned green fava beans from Ministerial Resolution No. 13 of 2021 regarding the continuation of stopping the export of beans of all kinds.

The council clarified, Sunday, that the decision to allow export came to eliminate the damage to companies that have export contracts, and that have achieved success in global markets during the past period, so that they do not have to pay penal conditions.

“Egypt has large quantities of beans, especially that we are currently in the season of green beans production. Therefore, stopping its export will affect the prices of beans in the local market and thus affect farmers,” it added.

It pointed out that the export of frozen green beans works to bring foreign business, because they are exported at high prices compared to their prices in the local market, in addition to that it does not affect food security because green and canned beans are low-consumed locally.

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