Egypt Expects Many Saudi Tourists this Summer

The combination of cultural similarity and a wide range of tourist attractions are expected to draw large numbers of Saudi tourists to Egypt this summer.

“Now, the number of Saudi tourists visiting various destinations including Giza for its pyramids and sphinx touches 400,000 annually,” an official at the Egyptian Embassy said yesterday, adding that Saudis have been visiting Egypt for many years.

Before the civil unrest, referred to as the January 25th Revolution, some 600,000 Saudis visited Egypt yearly but the number declined greatly after that. However, they have started going back during summer and have even bought or built their own houses in Cairo and other parts of the country.

A large number of Saudi nationals are studying in Egyptian universities and colleges.

The official said that many of these Saudis have invested in Egypt, and he added that on the other hand, many Egyptians are also living and working in Saudi Arabia. “There are some 1 million working as doctors, engineers, accountants, teachers and writers in various local firms,” he said, adding that they are a living proof of the fact that Saudi Arabia is good to foreigners.

He said that while these Egyptians miss their country, they enjoy life here for various reasons, not least that the Two Holy Mosques are found in Saudi Arabia. He added that a large number of Egyptians also come to Saudi Arabia to perform Haj annually, as Arab News stated.

The embassy official added that this has greatly bolstered the bilateral ties. Trade between Saudi Arabia and Egypt now touches $4.7 billion. Egyptian exports to Saudi Arabia include food, cement, and vegetables, while imports consist of gas and petrochemicals and petrochemical products


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