Egypt extends working Agreement with Google

Egyptian Cabinet approved Thursday the extension of working agreement signed between ministry of communications and Google Inc. The cabinet approved the extension of the agreement for a year starting from 24 December 2014 to 23 December 2015 with the same conditions agreed on before.

On 24 June 2009, Google Inc. and the Egyptian Government signed a $10 million agreement on promoting Egyptian industries worldwide via Google’s advertising platforms on the web.

This step comes within Egypt’s care to cooperate with large firms in order to deliver its messages to different international markets.

The cooperation between the Egyptian Government and Google will strongly establish Egypt on the international online marketing map through launching ongoing campaigns to promote the country’s software development industry, business process outsourcing (BPO), call center industry, valued added services (VAS) and e-government.

Also the deal will help promote foreign investments in Egypt, the Egyptian diverse exports, trade fairs and high-level trade missions. Egypt’s tourism sector and its key tourist sites, the diverse programs offered to tourists and the flights of Egypt Air will be further promoted on the web.

In addition, the deal will introduce Egyptian external trade activities, its industrial capabilities and Egypt’s positive investment climate to the world.
Such an agreement will facilitate for Egypt a digital advertising industry through training calibers and helping small and medium sized companies work on it, which will be positively reflected on the growth of the industry in the country.

The agreement entails collaboration with Information technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA), an MCIT affiliate, in the technology incubation program in addition to boosting innovation.

Google will offer technical support, the required skills and knowledge to a number of local companies working on digital advertising to enable them to carry out electronic promotional and marketing campaigns. The companies will offer their services to the Arab World and Middle East from Egypt.

Google will cooperate with MCIT and ITIDA offering the required technical consultations. The company will also take part in other activities like the facilitation committee, the provision of expertise about the market requirements and changes within the spectrum of the technology incubation project.

Google will take part in the training process of Information Technology Institute (ITI), another MCIT affiliate, and the professional development programs offered to university students with regards to digital advertising, in a bid to contribute to founding a base of workforce specialized in this field to meet the market increasing need.