Egypt launches 200 Years of Continuing Science tourism campaign

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Egypt launches an advertising campaign under the title of 200 Years of Continuing Science as part of its celebrations of 200th anniversary of deciphering the Egyptian hieroglyphs and the emergence of Egyptology.

This electronic advertising campaign will be launched today for a week to introduce the Egyptian civilisation in many countries, including the United States, Britain, Germany, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Spain and France, Minister of Tourism Ahmed Issa said on Tuesday.

The advertising campaign will be launched on social media and the most viewed sites in these tourist markets, the general director of the Tourism Promotion Department Suzan Mustafa, clarified.

The campaign is a propaganda film that sheds light on examples of innovations that the ancient Egyptian civilisation presented to humanity thousands of years ago, CEO of the Egyptian General Authority for Tourism Activation, Amr El-Qadi added.

El-Qadi pointed out that among these models, the surgical instruments, prosthetics, astronomy, arithmetic, engineering, and many more which have impressed and astonished scientists until this day.

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