Egypt pumps EGP2.5bln into Red Sea’s sanitation projects

Egypt is implementing on sanitation projects in the Red Sea Governorate with total investments of 2.5 billion Egyptian pounds, Minister of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities Assem el-Gazzar said.

Four sanitation projects are being implemented in the Red Sea Governorate at a cost of 1.635 pounds billion, the minister said.

The sanitation projects are scheduled to be completed during 2019, Gazzar added.

He explained that these projects include the expansion of Hurghada sewage project and serving the emerging and deprived areas (eight lifting stations and networks), as well as the expansion of the sewage project in Ras Ghareb, the sewage project in Koseir, and the sewage project in Safaga.

In addition, the pilot operations of  first phase of the Tertiary Sewage Treatment Plant in the Red Sea Governorate  are being carried out with capacity of 30,000 m3 / day. The plant has a total capacity of 90,000 m3/day worth  875 million pounds.