Egypt-Romania Trade Exchange Hits €364.1 Million in 10 Months

Trade exchange between Egypt and Romania surged 26.8% to hit €364.1 million from January-October of 2013, said the chairman of Egypt-Romania Business Council Hassan El-Shafei on Monday.

As pursuant to official data released by the Egyptian Trade Representation in Bucharest, El-Shafei added that the trade exchange between the two countries was at the value of €287.1 million during the same period a year earlier.

During a symposium held by the Council on Monday, El-Shafei revealed that the volume of Egypt’s exports to Romania reached €38.1 million during Jan-Oct 2013, 21% up from €31.5 million during Jan-Oct 2012.

Moreover, Egypt received Romanian imports worth €326 million during Jan-Oct 2013, 27.5% higher than €255.6 million posted throughout the same period a year earlier.

For the Egyptian exports to Romania, pharmaceuticals capture the lion’s share attaining €3.6 million during Jan-Oct 2013, yet it mirrors a decline of 34.5% from a year earlier of €5.5 million.

Romania imports pharmaceuticals and medical devices – which reached €2.2 million in 2012 – notably from Hungary, Germany, France, Netherlands.