Egypt Says EGP 115 bln Investments for Telecom Sector By 2017-End

Eng. Atef Helmy, Egyptian Minister of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Minister, has revealed that the Ministry will be targeting EGP 115 billion investments within the coming four years, noting that the targeted growth rate up 10% instead of 6% annually starting from 2017.

The Minister added that the ICT sector will be contributing with 4.2% instead of 3.5% according to the Ministry’s strategy.

The Minister has noted that the sector is continuing for its major projects including technology valley project and complete manufacturing the ‘tablet’, asserting that these projects do not linked to the former regime of the President Mohamed Morsi.

Helmy has pointed out that the strategy is aiming to provide 250 K- 280 K during the next four years, noting that the Ministry started actually for the implementation of the first phase by offering many projects such as technology valley project which the sector is participated in it.

Helmy has asserted that the Ministry is planning to sign a number of agreements and protocols with many Ministries within the coming week in order to increase and settle the information technology.

Moreover, He further has emphasized that the ICT sector is intending to hold tripartite agreement between it and Administrative Development and the Center for Information so as to spread the governmental services like digital identification and treatment at the expense of the country.