Egypt says no increase in oil prices

The cabinet’s media centre has denied reports about increasing the prices of oil products as a result of the decline in global oil production.

In a press release on Thursday, the center said it contacted the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, which categorically dismissed these reports as baseless.

The ministry said the state has taken precautionary measures to reduce the impact of the hike in global oil prices.

It also noted that the current prices of oil products are as follows: 80-octane gasoline is sold at EGP 675 piasters per liter, and 92-octane at EGP 800 piasters, while octane-95 is sold at EGP 900 piasters.

The price of butane gas cylinder stands at EGP 65, the ministry said.

The ministry appealed to all mass media outlets and social media users to seek accuracy and contact bodies concerned before spreading such groundless news. (MENA)

Source: MENA

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