BREAKING: Egypt sentences Islamist Morsi to life in Jail

The Cairo Criminal Court sentenced -on Monday- the ousted Muslim Brotherhood president Mohamed Morsi, to life in jail for 20 years for inciting a show of force and violence, arresting protesters and physically abusing them, outside the Ittihadiya presidential palace in December 2012..

Twelve other defendants, including senior Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Guide Mohamed Badie, Mohamed El-Beltagy , Essam El-Erian, Asaad el-Sheikha, Ahmed Abdel-Ati, and Ayman Hodhod and ex-presidential aides, also received twenty-year sentences on the same charges.

Mursi alongside 14 other Muslim Brotherhood leaders, accused of killing, torturing and inciting violence against protesters outside the palace during his tenure in December 2012.

Clashes erupted between Mursi supporters and anti-Mursi protesters outside the presidential palace in Cairo on December 5, 2012, leaving over 10 killed. Protesters were holding a sit-in against a constitutional declaration issued by Mursi in November, criticised for giving him sweeping powers.

In his first court appearance in November 2013, Morsi shouted at the judge from inside his cage, declaring he was still Egypt’s president

Moreover, the former Islamist leader, who was overthrown in July 2013, is entangled in two other court cases over charges including espionage and breaking out of prison.