Egypt Slams Violence Incidents In Yemen

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Egypt condemned on Monday 13/10/2014 the latest violence incidents that took place in the Yemeni capital Sanaa and in Mukalla city located in Hadramaout province.

The incidents left a number of civilians and police as well as army personnel dead.

Egypt follows up the latest political and security developments in the Arab country.

Out of the deeply-rooted relations between the two countries, Egypt calls on all the Yemenis to pay attention to the real challenges that face their country and to build the future for their children.

Egypt also urged the Yemeni political powers that signed the Peace and National Partnership Agreement to shoulder their responsibilities and to preserve their country from political and security repercussions.

Egypt called on the Yemenis to form a national government and draft a new constitution to achieve stability and security for their homeland.

Source : MENA