Egypt to extend state of emergency for three months

A nationwide state of emergency was extended for a further three months starting 14 July, following parliamentary approval on Sunday.

The ongoing state of emergency was extended by a presidential decree issued by President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi but was pending approval by parliament.

The decree authorises the army and police to undertake necessary procedures to combat terrorism in order to preserve the safety of citizens and public properties across the nation.

The state of emergency was first imposed in April 2017 after two terrorist church bombings killed 47 people.

A decree to lengthen the emergency state was issued in October and extended again in January and April.

According to the Egyptian constitution, a state of emergency cannot exceed six months from its date of declaration and decrees imposing or extending it should be approved by the parliament.

Egypt has been fighting terrorists based in the border North Sinai region, who havekilled hundreds of police and army personnel.

Egypt launched an extensive campaign involving police and the military in February against terrorists focused on northern and central Sinai regions, parts of the Nile Delta and the country’s Western Desert. The army has since announced it killed more than 300 “takfiris.”

Source: Ahram Online