Egypt to host China-Arab Cooperation Forum next August

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Egypt will host the fifth session of the Sino-Arab Cooperation Forum next August, Egyptian ambassador in Khartoum Osama Shaltout said. The forum is held every two years in cooperation with the China-Arab Friendship Association (CAFA).

Ambassador Shaltout stated that the Egyptian-Chinese relations are extraordinary and historical, referring to Egyptian President Abdel Fattah’s most recent visit to China which resulted in signing a number of joint cooperation agreements in various economic and trade sectors.

The statement came during the Egyptian ambassador’s meeting with the China-Arab Friendship Association (CAFA)’s Secretary-General Ahmed Abd El-Rahman Mohamed who gave a report about the association’s objectives to enhance the Sino-Arab relations.

Furthermore, Shaltout also highlighted on Thursday the magnificent role played by Egypt to enhance the Sino-Arab relations.

CAFA’s Secretary-General also noted that the Sino-Arab friendship associations are looking forward for more cooperation with the Arab ambassadors to take part in different activities supporting the bilateral relations between China and the Arab world.