Egypt to launch global fair for nuclear, solar power on Sunday

The Egyptian government will launch Sunday the international electricity conference and exhibition to discuss solar energy and nuclear power in Arab States.

Egypt’s Federation of Arab Engineers will open the major conference in cooperation with the Egyptian Syndicate of Engineers and its chairman Tarek Al-Nabarawy, as well as Society for Engineers and its head Ali Abdel-Rahman.

This event will take place under the auspices of the Egyptian Minister of Electricity and Renewable Energy Mohamed Shaker.

Egyptian officials will submit conference’s recommendations to Arab policy makers to solve electricity shortage and provide energy quality, and ways to rationalise consumption, said Adel Al-Hadethy, Secretary-General of the Federation of Arab Engineers.

He has also stated that these recommendations aim to connect electricity grids between Arab counties.

Al-Hadethy said that conference’s sessions will discuss opportunities in solar projects in Arab countries.

The event will also shed light on the Egyptian national solar energy project for photovoltaic solar cells.

In addition, Al-Hadethy explored the Jordan experience in the field of using renewable energy to generate electricity.

Tunisia would present notes on the strategy of renewable energy in Arab world to 2030 compared to the strategy of European Union.

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