Egypt to Add Vienna Bread to the New Subsidised System

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Egyptian Supply Minister Khaled Hanafy is considering the decision of Mr. Attiya Hammad, Chief of Division baker at Cairo chamber of commerce regarding  local subsidised bakery’s decision to produce Vienna Bread (commonly known in Egypt as Fino) beside the baladi loaf (Egyptian bread) to sell it for citizens at 5 piasters per loaf.

This will be among the distributed quota of citizens through smart card system for bread distribution which is 150 loaves of bread for each citizen per month.

The Ministry seeks to implement this system in order to help the families who have children in various stages of education and needs Fino.

This comes within the Minister’s meeting with some of the heads of Baladi subsidised (municipal) bakeries in General Union of Chambers of Commerce in Egypt, Giza, Minya, Port Said and  Sharqia governorates so as to follow up the subzidised bread system.

Moreover, Hanafy asserted that bread machines will be provided for selling baladi loaves so as to sell breads in the deprived areas.