Egypt Upgrades 11 Railway Stations, with EGP500 mln Costs

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Egypt’s Ministry of Transportation has completed the upgrading of 11 railway stations, with an investment cost worth EGP 500 million, according Minister Ibrahim El-Demeiry.

This comes within the framework of the ministry’s strategy to upgrade the infrastructure of the railway system in Egypt, he noted. The upgrading process has included stations of Cairo, Sidi Gaber, Girga, Tama, Manfalut, el-Qawsiya, Abu Kebir, Abu Hammad, Desouk, Zifta, and Tell el-Kebir. In addition, the minister referred that 4 stations in Abu Qir line have been also upgraded, at a total cost of EGP 12 million. The 4 upgraded stations in Abu Qir Line were Zahiriya, Suq,  Hodra, and  Gabrial.

Moreover, El-Demeiry told Amwal Al Ghad that the ministry has started the third phase of upgrading which includes stations namely, Nakla, Bashteel el-Balad, Bashteel, Abshan, Kum el-Tawwil, el-Simta, Shabshir el-Hissa, Nag’a Hamadi, Balana, Maragha, and Marsa Matruh.

Within 2015, the ministry is set to start the fourth phase for the upgrading of 11 railway stations, namely el-Iraqiya, Sabak el-Dohak, Fuwa, Samalut, Wafid, Sageen El-Koum, Nashart, Asafira, Port Said, Damanhur, and Fayum. The ministry did not specify the investment cost for the fourth phase yet.

Furthermore, the ministry will start the fifth phase within 2016 which includes 13 railway stations, namely Alexandria, Salihiya, Muhallet Musa, el-Kurdi, Muhalla el-Kubra, Batanun, Abu Shusha, 23 Yuliu, Aswan, el-Ragdiya, Hawatika, Qaws, and Mit Ghamr.