Egypt wants to build bridges over New Capital high-speed train

Egypt will start building new bridges over the anticipated high-speed electrified train link from Cairo to the under construction new administrative capital by early July.

Two state-run companies are involved in the first part of the construction works, General Nile Company for Roads Construction and General Nile Company for Roads and Bridges, an official source with knowledge told Amwal Al Ghad on Monday.

The source said the two companies are due to complete the first phase of works within a one-year timeframe in early July 2019.

“The total cost of the first phase on the project is pegged at 1.2 billion Egyptian pounds ($71.8 million),” he said.

“It will include the construction of two main bridges for the train in Salam City at the end of Cairo Metro’s third line in addition to two concrete plants and a 13 km railroad bridge.”

Egypt seeks to build a 68 km (42 mile) high-speed electrified train of 11 stations being financed by the Export-Import Bank of China (EximBank) through a soft loan worth $1.2 billion.

The new capital, announced in March 2015, is intended partly to reduce crowding in Cairo but will also be home to government ministries and an airport.