Egyptian Cabinet to Launch Integrated License Tomorrow: Official

Senior sources in the Information and Communication Technology Ministry expected that Eng. Ibrahim Mehleb, the Egyptian Prime Minister will issue a ministerial decree for activating the integrated operator license during press conference.

The sources added that decree which is approved by the Ministry on the last Thursday shall contribute in activating the license.

Vodafone global has explained in a statement today that it has to take the necessary measures for offering the integrated license and to avoid the monopoly of Telecom Egypt for fixed and mobile phone services as it will restore to the international arbitration to protect its investors.

Vodafone emphasized that the license will permit to TE to base on the infrastructure of mobile phone operators without launching its special network.

The National Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (NTRA) approved to grant TE and the 3 mobile operators the integrated license and to  review it on economic commission of the Cabinet for the approval without restoring to TE’s share in Vodafone.

NTRA mentioned in its statement that the approval of integrated license as a regulator solution will pave the way to achieve the required balance and growth for the ICT market in Egypt.

Furthermore, NTRA said all the outstanding points of the operators for activating the license have been discussed, except the point which related to the international interdependence between Etisalat Egypt and TE.