Egyptian Exchange Briefing 20/02/2023

The Egyptian exchange market (EGX) witnessed a massive decline in some of its indices on Monday. The Egyptian main index in the stock market EGX 30 witnessed a decline of -2.96 percent, to close at 16814 (1,866 in U.S. Dollar Terms).

EGX30’s opening value was 17326.61 and the highest recorded value was 17404.04m while the lowest recorded value was 16798.65.

EGX70 EWI as well witnessed a decline of – 1.85 percent to have a closing value of 2946.15. The opening value this morning was 3001.64 and the highest recorded value was 3023.84.

EGX50 EWI witnessed a fall as well with a percentage of – 2.32 percent, closing at 2869.81. The opening value was 2937.97, throughout the day it went from a highest value of 2951.60 and lowest value of 2865.53.

EGX100 EWI witnessed a noticeable decline as well of -2.10 percent. It went from a highest value of 4529.01 and a lowest value of 4405.54, to finally lay stable at a closing value of 4409.99.

The EGX market capitalisation has cloased at 1.1 trillion pounds, losing around 25.5 billion pounds today.

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