Egyptian FM, Ethiopian Counterpart Start Talks In Addis Ababa; Targeting Consensus

On Monday morning, bilateral talks between the Egyptian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mohamed Kamel Amr, and the Ethiopian counterpart, Tedros Adhanom, kicked off in Addis Ababa on the crisis of the Renaissance Dam. The talks aim to reach a deal over the points of contention between the two sides especially after the report issued by the tripartite committee.

The delegation that is accompanying the Egyptian minister to Addis Ababa takes in Ambassador Aly El-Hefny- Deputy Foreign Minister of Foreign Affairs for African Affairs, Aml Salama- Deputy Assistant Minister for Nile Water Affairs, Ahmed Abu Zaied,- Advisor in the ministry, and Dr Sherif Mohamedy- an official in the Egyptian Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation.

The meeting drives to start political talks between Egypt and Ethiopian along with Sudan in order to urge the Ethiopian side to provide additional studies and information about the Renaissance Dam. Moreover, it aims to reach understanding between the three countries that not harms the water shares for both of Egypt and Sudan.

Furthermore, the meeting will pave the way for a series of high-level communications between Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan concentrating the practical steps, which could achieve the consensus between the three countries without damaging the interests of each side.