Egyptian industrial products rise 32% in Q1

The value of Egypt’s industrial production, including crude oil and petroleum products rose 32 percent to 168.5 billion pounds in the first quarter of the year from 127.7 billion pounds last year, the state-owned statics agency CAMPS said on Monday.

The production index of food industries contributed to the industrial index by 23 percent, followed by steel, iron and metal industries by 19.2 percent, CAPMAS added.

“The production index of chemicals, fibers, and fertilizers registered 9.8 percent of the index,” the agency said.

The production of food industries reached a value of 38.7 billion pounds in the first quarter of the current year, compared with 33.3 billion during the same quarter of 2017.

The production index of ready-to-wear clothes hit $4.3 billion in the first three months of 2018, compared to $2.9 billion in the same period of 2017, marking a 47.3 percent uptick.

The value of production for the computer, electronic, optical products, and medical devices industry declined to 1.5 billion pounds for the first quarter of the year, compared to 1.6 billion for the first quarter of 2017, with a decrease of 9.9 percent.

Source: Egypt Today