Egyptian Media Dina Abdel Fattah Quits From Al Tahrir TV

The TV presenter and the Egyptian media figure Dina Abdel Fattah, has decided to resign from Al-Tahrir TV Channel and quit her ‘Al Shaab Yourid’ talk show, on the 24th of February 2013, in protest to the violation of the freedom of speech in regard to the channel management’s editorial and administrative policies.

The persistent TV presenter was unable to continue hosting her program professionally and independently amid the continuous interference and restrictions imposed by Al-Tahrir channel’s provocative policies.
“The severe restrictions imposed on the media will mark the end of the sector’s professionalism.” Abdel Fattah said
Al-Tahrir’s management has also notified Al Shaab Yourid team of its blacklist so as not to host figures, which in turn violates the code of honor of the media industry.

Abdel Fattah has confirmed the lack of support from the channel when she was undergoing the investigation but the channel has halted her talk show in the beginning of February 2013. Charges were brought against Abd El Fattah by the Shura Council, after hosting Black Block members in ‘Al Shaab Yourid’.

Abdel Fattah said after the first crisis with channel in regard to not supporting her in the “black bloc” case investigations, the channel management has made a formal apology pledging to fully support the program and to ensure freedom of speech. However, such pledges were not achieved on the ground by management.

She tried several times to grab the attention of the management so as to ensure the press freedom, but received no response driving her eventually to consider quitting her work with the channel. 

Dina said she will return to the public again through one of the satellite channels at the nearest opportunity.