Egyptian non-petroleum exports surge 10 % in 11 months

Egyptian non-petroleum exports increased 10 percent during the first 11 month of 2017, registering $20 billion against $18 billion in the same period of 2016, the General Organization for Import and Export Control (GOEIC) report.

GOEIC monthly report  revealed that Egyptian exports  decreased by 3.0 percent during November 2017, reaching $1.805 billion compared to $1.785 billion in November 2016.

Exports of eight export councils surged 31.8 percent during the first 11 months of 2017 topped by chemicals and fertilizers sector, recording a total of $3.942 billion, from $2.991 billion during the same period of 2016.

Moreover, Exports of clothes increased 13 percent during November 2017, registering $1.305 billion from $1.305 billion in November 2016.

Exports of electronic and engineering industries increased 10.3 percent, reaching $2.362 billion against $2.142 billion a year earlier.

Exports of furniture rose 4.8 percent to $464 million from $443 million. Construction materials’ exports hiked  4.5 percent to $4.623 billion from $4.424 billion.

The report  also showed that Egyptian exports of food products surged  4.6 percent, to reach $2.574 billion compared to $2.462 billion. Exports of textiles increased 4.6 percent, reaching $749 million compared to $716 million.

Agricultural exports rose 3.4 percent to $1.997 billion from $1.932 billion, the report stated.

However, the exports of the five export councils decreased, including furniture, which recorded exports of $299 million, down 10 percent from last year. Exports of medical products fell 8.9 percent to $420 million from $461 million.

Exports of leather products fell 10.6 percent to $107 million from $120 million, while exports of handicrafts  dropped 15.8 percent to $179 million.

on the other hand, The report said 25 countries receive nearly 78% of Egyptian exports, with a combined value of $15.764 billion. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) was ranked first at $2.166 billion, followed by Turkey at $1.691 billion.

Saudi Arabia came in third place with a value of $1.417 billion, followed by Italy with $1.294 billion. The US was ranked fifth with $1.164 billion.