Egyptian parliament to discuss state 2021/22 new budget today

The Egyptian parliament, the country’s House of Representatives, will start Sunday discussing the new state budget for the financial year 2021/2022 as well as its socio-development plan.

The parliament will debate a comprehensive report prepared by its Budget Committee on the new budget and the socio-development plan throughout Sunday and Monday.

The report recommended increasing the budgets of the health and education sectors.

The MPs in the report also recommended increasing the budget allocated to state-funded medical treatment for poor and limited-income citizens from 7 billion Egyptian pounds ($447.6 million) to 8 billion pounds ($511.5 million).

They also called for a raise in the budget dedicated for the Ministry of the higher education from 74.7 billion pounds to 77.2 billion pounds, and that for the Ministry of Education from 108 billion pounds to 112.5 billion pounds.