Egypt’s Abdel Nour Heads to UK to Promote Suez Canal, Golden Triangle Projects

Mounir Fakhry Abdel Nour, Egyptian foreign Trade and investments Minister is planning to visit Britain within the coming week in order to promote the huge projects, most notably Suez Canal development Axis and Golden Triangle projects.

The Minister said the visit will aim to transfer positive message to media, businessmen and the British investors regarding the current situation in Egypt and the investment’s future in the Egyptian market, noting that it is schedule that the visit will include the meeting of the British- Egyptian businessmen association , along with holding series meetings with a numbers of Britain major firms whether invested in Egypt or the desiring to entire the Egyptian market.

Abdel Nour added in his meeting with British Ambassador to Egypt, James Watt that the government is about to plan for several development promising projects which will make boom in growth rate of Egyptian economy, pointing that these projects involve the two mainly projects Suez Canal development Axis and Golden Triangle.

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