Egypt’s Arab Contractors bids for infrastructure projects in 4 African states

Egypt’s construction firm Arab Contractors is bidding for a number of infrastructure flagships in four African countries, said a senior official in the company on Sunday.

Winning the mandates of these projects will be part of the Egyptian firm’s plan to increase its business volume in Africa within the upcoming years, head of African sector Ibrahim Mabrouk said.

The works will include a sewage station in Rwanda as well as a bunch of road and bridges projects in Morocco, besides various infrastructure flagships in Côte d’Ivoire and Tanzania, Mabrouk said.

“We had signed contracts worth up to five billion Egyptian pounds ($279.5 million) from working in the African markets, compared with $2 billion during the last period,” he said.

Also, Arab Contractors signed a contract to implement the biggest hydroelectric dam in Tanzania within a four-year timeframe, in partnership with Egyptian cable maker ElSewedy Electric, Mabrouk added.

The hydroelectric dam will be established at a total cost approaching $2.9 billion, Mabrouk said.

Tanzanian government hopes to build the hydroelectric dam to be one of the most important national flagships to generate electricity in Africa, Arab Contractors’ chairman Mohsen Salah earlier said.

The two companies had earlier submitted an offer to build a 2,115-megawatt hydroelectric dam in Tanzania’s Stiegler’s Gorge Hydroelectric Power Station, with investments worth $3 billion.