Egypt’s CardoO launches its first IoT-enabled smartwatch

Egypt’s startup CardoO, specialised in Internet of Things (IoT) devices, announced on Friday the launch of its first IoT-Enabled smartwatch.

This move comes shortly after CardoO has succeeded in closing a seed fund round of $660,000, led by the Alexandria Angel Network, with participation of Sofico Investments and angel investors from Saudi Arabia.

The cutting-edge smartwatch marks CardoO’s debut in the IoT-enabled device market, with the intention of simplifying and enhancing the lifestyle of its users through offering advanced features and connectivity.

The CardoO Watch is a stylish and versatile wearable that combines fashion with functionality. With its sleek design and premium build quality, the watch is a perfect companion for individuals seeking a balance between style and technology. Packed with powerful features, the Watch offers an array of functionalities to cater to the diverse needs of modern-day consumers.

“We are thrilled to introduce the CardoO Watch, our first IoT-enabled product that combines style, functionality, and connectivity,” Ahmed Adel, founder and CEO of CardoO, said.

“Sleek design meets functionality in CardoO Watch, making it the perfect companion for a fashionable and active lifestyle.

“With its advanced features and seamless integration with the CardoO mobile app, the CardoO Watch represents a significant milestone in our commitment to delivering innovative and accessible smart devices to our valued customers, we are proud to have developed this Egyptian technology product by a team of Egyptian developers in the company.” Adel added.

He further said the new watch is designed “to be compatible with the CardoO smart application, which can be downloaded for free on smartphones.”

“We developed this application based on artificial intelligence algorithms to provide data analysis and recommendations, enabling a professional user experience.”

The new product meets the needs of the middle-class segment with its competitive price, Adel further said. He explained that the initial stage would target distribution within the Egyptian market, with plans to expand to other regional countries in subsequent stages.

CardoO Watch – Key Features:

Stay Connected: With the CardoO Watch, users can stay updated with calls and notifications in 10 different languages, including advanced Arabic support. This ensures users that they would never miss out on important updates, no matter the language they speak.

Personalisation: The CardoO Watch comes in three sophisticated colours: black, silver, and gold. Along with a variety of watch faces and straps, it also offers users the opportunity to personalise their watch to match their style.

IoT Connectivity: The CardoO Watch seamlessly connects to the CardoO mobile app, enabling users to control and monitor various IoT devices directly from their wrist. Users can experience the convenience of managing their smart homes, accessing fitness data, and receiving notifications, all from one centralised device.

Health and Fitness Tracking: Equipped with advanced sensors, the CardoO Watch also offers comprehensive health and fitness tracking features. Users can monitor their heart rates, track their workouts, and analyse their sleep patterns to optimise their well-being, and achieve their fitness goals.

Interactive Display: The vibrant and interactive edge display of the CardoO Watch guarantees a seamless user experience. Users can navigate through menus, read messages, and view notifications with clarity and ease.

Long Battery Life: Users can enjoy uninterrupted usage with the CardoO Watch’s all-week battery. With its efficient power management system, the watch can keep up with their busy lifestyle without the need for frequent charging.

The CardoO Watch is engineered with a robust and efficient RTL8762DK chip, backed by 128MB of memory, to guarantee smooth and fast operation. With a durable zinc alloy body, IML finish, and IP68 waterproof rating, it ensures longevity. Its 1.9″ IPS full-view colour screen produces sharp images with a resolution of 240×283 at 320 PPI. The device offers a 260mAh polymer lithium battery for 5-7 days of regular use and up to 20 days in power-saving mode. Designed for Android 4.4+ and iOS 10.0+ devices, it supports multiple languages for a more personalised experience.

The CardoO Watch is set to redefine how people interact with technology, emphasising the potential of the Internet of Things. It empowers users to stay connected, monitor their health, and manage their daily tasks, all on their wrist.

The CardoO Watch will be available for purchase on May 28, 2023 through the CardoO website and through selected retail partners.

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