Egypt’s Economic Reform Plans ‘Succeeding’; Says Kerry

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The United States appreciates Egyptian efforts to reform structural economic imbalances, US Secretary of State John Kerry said in recent talks with Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab during the latter’s visit to Washington, DC.

During the meeting, Kerry praised the country’s progress saying that “Egypt’s plans to reform its economy are succeeding”.

In a statement published Tuesday, Mahlab said he met with Kerry on 4 August at the latter’s headquarters in Washington DC. The meeting took place in the presence of the Egyptian Ministers of Economy and Finance and top US aides.

“The US administration values the successful steps taken by Egypt to reform structural imbalances in Egypt’s economy and proceed down the path to development in a practical and effective way,” said Kerry. He added that the United States was keen to see Egypt’s democratic experience succeed.

Mahlab said: “We showed [the] Kerry government plans for supporting economic reform in the coming stage as well as the measures taken toward progress in all economic and service sectors. This includes a plan to construct a network of roads measuring 3,000km and the reclamation of one million feddans as a first step.”

“Egypt is working to encourage foreign investment in all fields to provide more youth work opportunities,” he told Kerry.

Mahlab and Kerry also discussed the situation in Gaza in an attempt to achieve a ceasefire and stability and peace in the region.

Source: The Daily News Egypt