Egypt’s Environmental: Hygiene Crisis Needs Tech-System

Dr. Khaled Fahmy, Minister at Egyptian Ministry of State for Environmental Affairs, has asserted that the crisis of hygiene in Egypt needs a solution which is based on processing the garbage with technological foundations to allow job opportunities for youths.

The Minister said the government is the first responsible for worsening hygiene crisis in Egypt, and may not be loaded the localities the responsibility or even some citizens’ behaviors.

Fahmy has pointed out that the Ministry is planning to issue new system which treats fees and costs problems that paid by the citizen for hygiene services and this system is based on a mechanism which address the wages differences of the citizens, so that the greatest burden lies on the rich and high-wage earners.

Fahmy added that there ia a confidence crisis between the citizens and the ruling regime which make the citizen to refrain from hygiene fee, as the citizen believes that there are services provided to him in this field, therefore the Ministry will seek to improve the services in order to restore the lost confidence in the coming period.