Egypt’s Eva Pharma to export 50% of its production in 3 years

Egyptian drugmaker Eva Pharma said that aims to increase the volume of its exports during the next 3 years to represent 50 percent of its production capacity, said general manager Amgad Talaat.

He told Amwal Al Ghad that the company is currently exporting between 15-20 percent of its production capacity, to 41 countries around the world, as long as it is approved by the European Medicines Agency.

Talat explained that this will this plan will be achieved through doubling the production capacity by 100 percent,adding that the company has reported a growth in sales within the local market by between 25-30 percent annually.

Last week, the Egyptian pharmaceutical company said it had begun manufacturing antiviral treatment Avipiravir, the first medicine approved in Russia to treat COVID-19 patients.

No vaccine for COVID-19 has yet been developed, and many countries are conducting human trials of several existing antiviral drugs to prove their efficacy.

Egypt has logged a total of 63,923 coronavirus cases as of Saturday, including 2,708 deaths and 18,658 recoveries.

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