Egypt’s Evangelical Church refuses Islamist Candidate

The Coptic thinker Akram Lamey, Evangelical denomination’s spokesman, said he refuses any candidates with Islamic background that recreate the experience of one-party, like the dissolved National Democratic Party, which dominates all matters in Egypt.

He said the countries religiously ruled whether by Islam or any other religion are rare. The civil democratic system became basic; stressing on his refusal of ruling based on religion in Egypt. He welcomes the military ruling in case of having a comparison between the religious ruling and the military one.

In exclusive statements to “Amwal Al Ghad”, Lamey said that religious dictatorship, which may be created by Muslim Brotherhood and Salafi movement, is more dangerous than the civilian dictatorship.  Those who will oppose the civilian dictatorship are “anti-government or anti-regime”, but who will oppose the religious dictatorship will be “infidels”. This matter will spark conflicts in Egypt.

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