Egypt’s Export Development Authority to build logistics centre in Russia

Egypt’s Export Development Authority is coordinating with the Egyptian Commercial Service Office and the Egyptian Exporters Association- Expolink to establish a logistics centre in Russia, according to its chairperson Sherine El Shorbagy.

The EDA is a governmental entity affiliated with Egypt’s Ministry of Trade and Industry, its goal is to boost global Egyptian exports.

El Shorbagy noted that the authority exerting more efforts to strengthen the  exporting process and implement the ministry of trade strategy to increase exports through drafting and developing the exports policies and conducting the plans and programmes that aims to promote the Egyptian exports and develop the exports capabilities of the Egyptian exporter.

In addition to the logistics center, Egypt and Russia are in talks to coordinate a number of various projects, including the establishment of a roll-on roll-off (RORO) line, el-Shorbagy added.

The main goal behind building the logistic center is to eliminate all difficulties that Egyptian products face in the Russian Market. the center also aims to provide more commodities in Russia to expand the base of Egyptian product consumers.