Egypt’s Finance Ministry approves to increase cigarette prices

Egypt’s Ministry of Finance ratified a new increase to the prices of tobacco products on Monday. The price increase started on Thursday, with an additional increase of one Egyptian pounds in the prices of imported brands.

Egypt’s largest tobacco producer Eastern Tobacco Company raised prices by 10-15 percent on Thursday, both to fund the comprehensive universal healthcare programme, the first phase of which was launched on 6 July, and as a reflection of value-added tax.

The company lowered the price of the country’s cheapest cigarette brand Cleopatra ‘King Size’ to 15.5 pounds per pack, after it was increased to 16 pounds last week.

The Ministry of Finance retail list for cigarette prices is as follows:

Merit/ Dunhill 40 pounds

Marlboro (Red and Gold) 37 pounds

Marlboro (Medium) 35 pounds

Lucky Strike/ LM 29 pounds

Camel 34 pounds

Rothmans/Gualoises/ Winston 27 pounds

Next/ B&S 25 pounds

Pall Mall/ Viceroy 24 pounds

Cleopatra (Black Label)/Time/Golden West) 22 pounds

Cleopatra (Super) 18 pounds

Cleopatra Box (Red, Gold, Blue)/Target 17 pounds

Mondial/Boston/Light/Belmont 16.5 pounds

Cleopatra (Queen) 16 pounds

Cleopatra (King) 15.5 pounds

Source: Ahram Online