Egypt’s holdings of U.S. treasuries hit $2.2 billion in May

Egypt’s buying of U.S. treasuries recorded $2.2 billion at the end of May, recent data by the U.S. Department of the Treasury showed.

This makes Egypt becoming the eighth largest Arab holder of U.S. treasuries, capturing a 0.8 percent share.

Arab countries’ purchase of U.S. treasuries stood at $272.5 billion, representing 0.03 percent share of the total foreign buying, which had reached $7.135 trillion.

Saudi Arabia ranked first in terms of Arab holdings of U.S. treasuries, as it invested around $127.3 billion. The UAE came second with $57.3 billion of investments, followed by Kuwait of $45.9 billion, Iraq of $20.9 billion, and Qatar of $7.1 billion.

Country Amount of Holding of U.S. Treasuries as of May 2021
Saudi Arabia $127.3 billion
UAE $57.3 billion
Kuwait $45.9 billion
Iraq $20.9 billion
Qatar $7.1 billion
Oman $5.4 billion
Egypt $2.2 billion
Morocco $4.1 billion
Mauritania $841 million
Bahrain $828 million
Algeria $681 million
Lebanon $1 million
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