Egypt’s Housing: 912 Residential Units Implementing In New Valley

Dr. Tarek Wafiq, Egypt’s Housing and Urban Communities Minister, has held a meeting with Maj.Gen. Tariq al-Mahdi, governor of the New Valley, in order to discuss many development projects which the ministry is implementing in the governorate.

The Minister has asserted within the meeting to agree on the fast completion of 64 villages in New Valley  governorate, in cooperation with the governorate and Urban Planning Authority, so as to meet with the demands of people.

Wafiq has emphasized that the Central Agency for reconstruction will implement a number of development projects in New Valley within the proposed plan of the central of the fiscal year 2013-2014, these projects meet with the demands of people.

Wafiq has explained that the Central Agency took over the task for implementing 912 residential units in social housing program among the first phase work in New valley  5 centers, as 240 units have assigned in Kharga  and Dakhla Oasis, 216 residential units in Farafra oasis, 96 residential units in Paris center and the rest units will be implemented after the governorate will provide the lands.

Wafiq added that a number of residential units have been solved especially in Housing sector, as it is agreed on new mechanism,finalize,implement and delivered these units to recipients.