Egypt’s Housing on track to execute 5,000 homes in Dar Misr

Madbouly delivers contracts of 4,000 social housing units in Egypt's El Shorouk

Egypt’s Housing Ministry is carrying out 5,136 units in El Shorouk City, northeast of Cairo, as part of the state’s Dar Misr middle-income residential flagship, said Minister Moustafa Madbouly on Saturday.

“The 5,136 units will include 214 fully furnished buildings,” Madbouly further stated, adding that Dar Misr is being executed in three phases.

As for first phase, the Egyptian minister referred that his ministry has completed around 85 percent and delivered 140 housing units of Dar Misr. This phase is to encompass 117 buildings.

“The accomplishment rates of the second phase reached 68 percent,” he said, clarifying that the phase is set to comprise 51 buildings.

As for the third phase, Madbouly showed that the Housing Ministry is preparing to start carrying out 26 buildings in Dar Misr.

Madbouly said that he has delivered contracts of 4,416 residential units in El Shorouk City, as part of the state’s social housing project.

“We (Housing Ministry) have completed 265,000 units in the project,” he said, elaborating that around 335,000 homes are under construction.