Egypt’s ICT : Integrated License To Launch In July

Eng. Atef Helmy, Egyptian Minister of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), said there are many challenges which hinder ICT sector including the economic, social and political, but the hopes and vision in this sector are greater than the volume of challenges through the participating in the gross national product (GNP) and creating job opportunities in cooperation with the other sectors, as well as raising the efficiency of all sectors that will be reflected positively on the country in general.

The Minister has pointed out that there are a group of countries which faced significant challenges such as Turkey, Argentina and Brazil, but these countries could able to face these challenges and increased (GNP) after they faced bankruptcy cases.

Helmy said the Ministry has short-term axis to refresh the (ICT)sector, noting that achieving the institutional development is one of the Ministry’s priorities and integration between the ministries and sectors in order to remove any duplication ,reduce costs and the ability to move quickly through the appointment of assistant to the minister.

Helmy has emphasized that the second target for developing and activating the (ICT) sector through basic determinants , work transparently to provide integrated subsidizes for all partners from local and international companies or Civil Society Organizations.

Helmy added that in the last five months, many achievements have been achieved, adding that money transfer via mobile phone launched from two months in April 2013, in addition the frequencies of mobile phone dilemma has been solved, Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) launched in last May and finally the integrated license will be targeted in July 2013.

Furthermore, Helmy has noted a partnership has done between (ICT) Ministry and 20 other Ministries and authorities to settle (IT).