Egypt’s markets begin trading week session with mixed performance

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Egyptian Stock Exchange (EGX) started the first trading session of the week on Sunday with contrast to the indices, as the main market index EGX30 fell by 1.11 percent to reach the level of 9823.16 points.

EGX70 EWI for small and medium enterprises index rose by 0.67 percent to reach 2206.96 points, and the EGX100 EWI index advanced by 0.32 percent to reach the level of 3137.24 points.

EGX50 EWI fall sight down by 0.04 percent to record 1899.43 points, as well EGX30 Capped index dropped by 0.88 percent to reach the level of 12106.58 points.

EGX30 TR the total return index decreased by 1.32 percent to start the session with 4019.19 and now it records 3965.96 points.

The market capitalization of the shares listed in the inside market was recorded at the level of 69,505,928 billion Egyptian pounds.

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