Egypt’s Metropolitan to provide Services in Saudi Arabia

Metropolitan Consulting reached strategic partnership with Saudi Abdel Wahab Al-Balawi Organization and National Entrepreneurship Institute “Riyadah” to work in fields of financial and credit consultancies.

The partnership also aims to develop Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), Metropolitan’s Chairman Khaled Nagaty announced Wednesday.

Nagaty , also the Vice President of MENA Region at World Association for SMEs (WASME), asserted that through the strategy, Metropolitan will provide its different consultancies services inside the Saudi market.

Metropolitan Consulting provides financial and credit consultations to customers, mediates between defaulting borrowers and banks to reschedule non-performing loans and provides finances to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in collaboration with lending institution.

He said that this partnership is a start for Metropolitan to exist in Gulf region as it is also developing SMEs in Saudi Arabia through providing necessary training and qualifications for Saudi youths in cooperation with Riyadah and WASME.

By this partnership, the Saudi organization aims to provide financial and credit consultancies inside the Saudi market through making use of Metropolitan’s experience in this field, Abdel Wahab Al-Balawi Organization’s Chairman said.

He affirmed that this partnership comes as the Saudi market needs those kinds of services provided by Metropolitan.

The Saudi official added that this cooperation is a start for continues cooperation between Saudi government and WASME to upgrade the SMEs sector in Saudi Arabia.

Moreover, the cooperation will start by training 3.000 youths in Tabuk, Saudi Arabia then expanding in the kingdom through the schedule of Riyadah adopted by Metropolitan in cooperation with WASME.