Egypt’s Mobile Operators Denies Agreements On Outstanding Issues With TE

Mobile Phone operators have denied reaching any solutions with Telecom Egypt (TE) concerning the outstanding problems between both of them, the National Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (NTRA), said we must end all of these problems before offering the integrated operator license which will be priced fully by the end of the current month.

An official Sources in Vodafone, Mobinil enterprises have indicated that the  problems of bonding prices are still discussing and we could not predict any solution for them throughout the negotiations between the operators and TE, asserting that all parties did not achieve any progress regarding the other problems.

Amr Badawi, the Former CEO of NTRA, has asserted that the broad of directors is currently cooperating with Detecon Deutsche company to complete the pricing of integrated operator license, stressing that it is expected to finalize all of these procedures during July.

Badawi added to Amwal Al Ghad that NTRA is currently making negotiations with mobile phone operators and Telecom Egypt (TE) in order to solve the six problems between TE and the operators, asserting that the recent political events will suspend the procedures of finalizing the license.

Badawi has pointed out that the selling of TE’s share from Vodafone Egypt’s shares which estimated at 45% did not come within the controversy points that NTRA aims to end before the granting of TE for the integrated operator license.

Badawi added to Amwal al Ghad  that TE and mobile phone operating in the market will face six main problems and it must finalize them before granting an integrated operator license related to the quality of service.

He stressed that the current dilemma between internet companies and TE Data concerning ‘converting internet customers’ is one of the main problems which NTRA is seeking to finalize before TE’s granting for the integrated license.

He has emphasized that NTRA has not yet reached to resolve on the acquisition of customers, noting that the current problem lies within the “monopolistic practices” carried out by the TE , which tries to finish them.

Moreover, Badawi has pointed out that the linkage between Etisalat Egypt and TE is one of the outstanding problems between the two companies which should be resolved as soon as possible, stressing that the share of Telecom Egypt in Vodafone Egypt, estimated at 45% of the company’s shares does not come within the controversy points that targeting to solve by NTRA.