Egypt’s NUCA Employees Resent Naming Ibrahim Mahlab’s Housing Minister

Many employees in the New Urban Communities Authority (NUCA) which affiliated to Housing Ministry  are resent to name Eng. Ibrahim Mahlab as the new Housing Minister in Dr. Hazem el-Beblawi government which is currently forming , as they are believing that Mahlab is belonging to the dissolved National Democratic Party (NDP)

The employees said Mahlab does not has any vision in compared to Dr. Tarek Wafiq, the former Minister, stressing that the integration between Housing and Utilities Ministries will need a future vision and efforts, as well as the ability to manage many files such as Tenders and Auctions Act, one million units project and the partnerships projects with the private sector.

Other see that Arab Contractors company is like the Ministry’s Management due to high volume of employment, as well as the multiplicity of domestic and foreign subsidiaries and affiliates,which make a positive expectation for Mahlab’s future in the Ministry.

Eng. Nabil Abbas, the First Deputy Chairman of NUCA, said the Ministry includes many files which need to experience and efforts, especially with the short term of the Ministry, that is supposed for its period  not to exceed more that 6 months so it will need an intensive efforts from the Minister.