Egypt’s Minister Says Embassy In Mogadishu Reopened

The Egyptian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mohamed Kamel Amr, On Sunday morning arrived in the Somalia capital of Mogadishu, in a historic visit since 20 years.

The minister has decided to reopen the Egyptian embassy in Mogadishu, on the level of achieving the security and stability, in addition to what has been accomplished since electing Hussein Sheikh Mahmoud as a president of Somalia in September 2012, and forming new Somalia cabinet.

The Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement this morning stating that the minister is paying a historic visit to Mogadishu since many years. The statement elaborated that by this visit Egypt is aiming at reopening the embassy there; emphasizing that the embassy is a main partner to the Somalia government in resolving all the challenges that face the Somalia people.

The procedure of reopening the Egyptian embassy in Mogadishu synchronized with the Egyptian efforts to support the Somalia people to rebuild the state’s institutions during the new phase that Somalia witnesses, said Amr.

In this framework, Egypt gives the priority to train Somalia cadres in different fields to enable the Somalia government achieve development and reconstruction along with providing the main needs for its citizens, added the Egyptian minister; elaborating that the Egyptian embassy in Mogadishu will consolidate these efforts.

During his visit to Mogadishu, the Egyptian minister will meet with the Somalia President, Chairman of Parliament, Ministers of foreign affairs and defense to discuss the ways of enhancing the bilateral relations.