Egypt’s PM casts his vote in Senate elections 2020

Egypt’s Prime Minister (PM) Moustafa Madbouli voted in Senate elections 2020 at the Egyptian-Japanese School committee in Sheikh Zayed City, Giza.

Madbouli calls on all eligible citizens to participate in this new constitutional merit, in light of the democratic climate witnessed by Egypt, which guarantees the expression of opinions with the utmost freedom.

The elections helped in adding a helping hand to the legislative body to guarantee full representation of the Egyptian society, he added.

Voters begin to gather outside polling places before voting starts at 9 am.

Queues of voters wearing medical masks, keeping safe distance from each others and carrying disinfectants can be seen outisde polling stations.

A total of 63 million Egyptian registered voters are entitled to vote in the 2020 Senate elections, distributed among 14 thousand and 92 sub-committees, under full judicial supervision, with the participation of 18,000 thousands.

A total of 787 candidates are competing for seats in the 300-seats of the Senate

Two-thirds of the members will be elected via the individual candidacy and the closed party list systems, and the rest will be appointed by the president.

Only 100 of the total number of candidates will compete for the party list seats, with the remainder running for individual seats.