Egypt’s Qasr El-Aini Hospital starts using robots to perform surgeries

Egypt’s Qasr El-Aini Hospital, one of the country’s oldest hospitals, has started using robots to perform surgeries for patients with renal failure disease, according to the Cairo University president statement on Friday.

“The robot costs EGP 45 million ($2.3 million). At the first time, this robot provides services free of charge at the university hospital,” president of Cairo University Mohamed Othman Elkhosht wrote on his Facebook page.


“The robotic surgery provides an opportunity to hundreds of thousands of patients, especially for the treatment of unpostponable tumour cases,” Elkhosht highlighted.

He pointed that the hospital is keeping update the latest developments in oncology surgery. He noted that the Qasr El-Aini Hospital treats more than a thousand patients with cancer and kidney tumours yearly.

In October 2021, Ain Shams Specialized Hospital announced its first robotic surgery, operating three gallbladder removal operations.

Egyptian engineer Mahmoud Al-Koumi introduced, in June 2020 through the second wave of coronavirus pandemic, a prototype of an Egypt-made robot called Cira-03. It performed in Egypt’s Nile Delta city of Tanta at private isolation hospital, in order to support patients and to communication with them.

The robot equipped with a camera and a microphone. It also created to carry out several medical procedures, including taking blood tests and temperatures as well as display the results to patients on a screen attached to its chest.



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